Rock and Metal Gallery


Picture framing for photographer

I have enjoyed a busy summer at Harcourt Framing and wanted to share one of my favourite projects that I have been involved with – The Rock and Metal Gallery.  The gallery was set up within Bloodstock Open Air Heavy Metal festival it’s curator was Paul Raymond Gregory (also the co-founder of Bloodstock).  Paul is an acclaimed artist who has been commissioned to produce many album covers and monolithic pieces inspired by the writing of JRR Tolkein. His artwork also appears on the Wychwood Brewery’s Hobgoblin Ales.

Pictured below, Paul and I in the Rock and Metal Gallery in front of photos that I framed of previous acts to perform at Bloodstock.


More pics inside the gallery..




Paul is a great person to work with with a real passion for everything he does and I look forward to working with him in the future where The Rock and Metal Gallery promises to be even better.

Information can be found about Paul at

For Bloodstock Festival visit



Picture framing for an exhibition.

Recently I have had the pleasure of framing a series of work for David Noble who lives in Derby and is the course leader for the BA(Hons) Photography at Staffordshire University. David has created intricate, painterly images of decaying vegetables,flowers and garden detritus, with the use of a flatbed scanner. He explains, “To begin with this was a very strange experience as a photographer, no camera or looking through a viewfinder, just an empty screen to fill piece by piece and all in reverse order”.

You can his fascinating work in The Emporium Gallery in Lichfield until  mid- September



David Harcourt (right) with David Noble at the opening of ‘Mutability’ Exhibition of Scanography prints by David Noble

Memorabilia framing – Sebastian Vettel’s balaclava.

I was pleased to be asked to frame a signed balaclava worn by Sebastian Vettel in a recent Grand Prix.

I used a deep frame with glass spacers to house the depth of the balaclava. As you can see below the certificate of authenticity was mounted alongside.

Work in progress


Then I added a shadow mount and glass.

Memorabilia framing

The finished item


The framed balaclava was then entered into a charity auction where it fetched a high price.  Many thanks to John Manchester of Zytek Engineering for this job!

Wedding gifts – frame the invitation

I have been asked recently to frame a number of wedding invitations.  It’s a great idea and can be a really personal gift ideal for the bride and groom.  I can also include a photo within the frame of the happy couple as every frame is custom made.

Picture framing for the new year.

Do you have treasured items that you have been meaning to get framed?  Maybe the prints you bought on holiday which are tucked safely in the back of your draw with the family photos and certificates.

Now is the time to get these items framed at Harcourt Framing who offer out of hours appointments so you don’t need to take any time off work. You don’t have   to battle with town centre parking or pay high street prices.  Harcourt Framing is based close to Derby in Draycott. It is friendly home based business run by David Harcourt who carries out all the framing and offers realistic advice.  Please call or e-mail to make an appointment.  No obligation quotations made.




Framing a rug!

Last week I was asked to frame a rug!  I must admit it was the first rug that I have been asked to frame so I enjoyed the challenge.  The handmade rug was a present to the customer who wanted to do something really special with it, so what better solution than to frame it??!!

The picture below shows the finished article framed in a chunky white wooden open grain frame with a really deep rebate to accommodate the thickness of the rug (approx. 3cms).  The overall dimensions are approximately 55 x 55 cms.

A funky framed rug

A big thank you to Nick for this job!!

Bespoke mirrors

You might not necessarily think about going to a picture framer for a mirror, but think again! Harcourt Framing can make and frame a mirror to match the decor in your home.

Mirrors can be much more than just functional grooming accessories. Used in the right way they can create an illusion of space, which is particularly beneficial if a room is small. In a bigger room, a large ornate mirror over a fireplace or sideboard will serve as a main focal point and an ever-changing piece of ‘art’.

Mirrors can create an air of elegance and sophistication and can transform a room from dull and dreary to bright and beautiful. In order to get the right look for you, the one that will reflect your own style, you first have to identify what your style is. Popular styles include traditional, modern, country, minimalist, retro or even a contrast of styles. Regardless of which style you want to go for, mirrors work well with any of them.