Caring for your framed artwork

After you have had your treasured item framed it is essential that you care for it correctly. Here is some advice to help you.

Avoid hanging pictures above heaters or radiators. Extreme or rapid changes in temperature cause paper and wood to warp and dry out and adhesives to fail.

Hang securely – 2 hooks are better than 1. Set each hook about a quarter of the way in from each side of the picture. Check the cord or wire is designed to support the weight of the artwork.  Where safety is critical, for example in children’s bedrooms, safety fittings and glazing can be used.

When cleaning dust frames with a soft brush.  Don’t use cleaning fluids or water on the varnished surface of oil paintings; again dust carefully.  If cleaning fluids have to be used on the glass, apply them to a duster first.  Take care not to let the fluid touch the frame.

Damp can cause pictures to ripple.  If the ripples touch the glass the picture might stick and be hard to remove.  Damp also encourages fungal growth which can show as brown stains. Conservation framing can slow these effects.

Try to avoid hanging pictures in direct sunlight as this fades colours and discolours paper.  Special UV protection glass can be used to slow this process available at Harcourt Framing.

When transporting a picture grasp the frame firmly on both sides.  If you have to store pictures make sure they are stacked vertically and the right way up.


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